2012 Yamaha PHX Custom Kit


This Japanese made custom Yamaha PHX drum kit is one of the best sounding drum kits you can get your hands on. We refer to the PHX kit as the Hattori Hanzo of drums, not because of their shared country of origin (and our love for Tarantino), but because the quality (everything from the build to the sound) is of the highest caliber. The shells are 11 plies of wood comprising of 4 different types of wood (Jabota, Kapur, Maple, and Burled Ash) with the type of wood getting progressively harder from inside-out. The 16" x 22" bass drum will make your knees weak and the 8" x 12" and 15" x 16" toms sound like claps of thunder. Respect the Phoenix, and you will be rewarded.